In Phil Jackson’s book, 11 Rings, he mentions that his former teammate and Senator, Bill Bradley, kept a framed picture on the wall of himself missing the game-winning shot of the conference finals.

He did it to remind himself of his own fallibility. He’s not perfect…You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect.

The more we become OK with our fallibility, the better off we’ll be. When you dive into the stories of the most successful people there are, you’ll uncover a history of setbacks and failures. It’s almost like failures are an incremental, upward path to success.

A common soundbite in business is to “fail fast and fail often.” In other words, DO! Get out there and try. Get over the fear of failing or being embarrassed. “They’re all gonna look at me.” Yes, they will. And then they’ll forget all about your failing and 10,000 other things will fill their minds. In the meantime, you’ll be saddling up and DOING.

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