On June 26, 2011, I had the most amazing competitive night of my life (we could actually remove “competitive”; it was amazing, period). I fought and beat Rick Story on a national stage when the whole world, minus three people, thought I would get annihilated.

I tell you that story to highlight an important point. This morning, I started reading Phil Jackson’s book Eleven Rings. In it, he chronicles his leadership style, one that led his teams to eleven NBA championships.

He talks about his environment growing up, where he had a multitude of religious influences put on him at a young age. Some of it stuck with him while some of it didn’t. In the end, though, he said that he was hesitant to expose those influences to his players for fear of them thinking he was “wacky.”

Eventually, he “arrived at a synthesis that felt authentic to me.” The rest is history.

On June 26, 2011, I had reached a synthesis that felt authentic to me, as well. I was a wrestler, fighting. I was happy with that truth. I had the most amazing night of my competitive life.

Later in my career, though, I forgot that truth. The rest is history.

Lead from the inside out. Find your synthesis that feels authentic to you.

Put in the work and trust your gut. Enjoy today’s AM Excellence 182 “Another Great Leader.” We expound upon Phil Jackson’s leadership truth. Listen here.

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