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Thanks for your interest in my books. Below is a bit more information about each.

Driven by Charlie Brenneman

Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage

I wrote this book at the very conclusion of my fighting career. It was initially meant to answer all the questions I had been asked along the way – questions about the pain, the money, the fear, the people, the reason behind it. What resulted is a very real look at what it looks like to have a dream and go after it, a dream as crazy as transitioning from a junior high Spanish teacher to a UFC fighter.

Amazon Reviews

  • A terrific read for those who may be on the fence at taking a chance or risk on something.
  • The Spaniard takes us on an epic journey in this book that inspires you to dig deep, as he did, in order to live up to your full potential.

  • Reading Charlie’s book has made me a better person.

  • A fantastic read which gives you a first-hand look into the life of a UFC fighter!!!!! I literally couldn’t put this book down!!!!

  • Great story of courage and overcoming obstacles.

  • I have read hundreds of books about sports, coaches, athletes, etc. and this is one of the best I have ever read.

Becoming the World's Toughest Life-Long Learner by Charlie Brenneman

Becoming the World’s Toughest Life-Long Learner

I wrote this book with a much more business centered approach. Chronicling my career after fighting, it is filled with teachable lessons about pursuit. And though the book’s stories and examples come from speaking, writing and podcasting – outside the cage – the knockdowns and get-back-ups keep on comin’. This is what building a business looks like on the day to day.

Amazon Reviews

  • Undefeated in enthusiasm.

  • The growth that Charlie shares in such a raw way blows me away. He makes you feel that you’re not alone.

  • Whether it’s big dreams or just navigating the ups and downs of life, Charlie lays out the best ways to maintain your vision, boldness, and authenticity to come out of the pursuit a better, tougher, and more educated person.

  • A memoir + lessons (still learning) + funny stories + podcast highlights + great quotes + books that the author has studied… you will NOT be bored reading this and when you start, you won’t put it down easily.

  • This is a great read for anybody wondering if they should take the figurative leap into doing something creative. Heck, it’s a great read for anybody looking for a story about learning and trying.

  • Another great read from The Spaniard.