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A series of life skill stories that help kids grow up

Aimed at ages 10-15 in grades 4-9, this series is an entertaining and enlightening resource for counselors, parents, teachers, coaches and school administrators. DAYS OF SPANIARD fiction books are instructive fables that expand on the real-life adventures of THE SPANIARD.

Anxious young Charlie grew up to be THE SPANIARD, a pro fighter who would go on to inspire thousands of students in assemblies. But one day with THE SPANIARD is never enough! So here are books with more stories and lessons drawn from his life. It’s the DAYS OF SPANIARD series.

Charlie Brenneman with students

About Days of Spaniard 

DAYS OF SPANIARD fiction books are instructive fables for kids that expand on the real-life adventures of Charlie “THE SPANIARD” Brenneman, former Division 1 wrestler, Spanish teacher, reality TV champion and UFC fighter. These fun and informative young readers books extend the reach of THE SPANIARD, now a leading speaker in schools sharing life skills for kids.


  • TEACHES STUDENTS priceless life skills

  • INSPIRES STUDENTS to persevere through hard times

  • EQUIPS STUDENTS to triumph over challenges

  • SHOWS STUDENTS why & how to keep learning forever

  • REASSURES STUDENTS with the true-life example of CHARLIE—an anxious, overwhelmed young scholar—who grew up to become THE SPANIARD—a UFC fighter and devoted family man still open about his failures and insecurities

DAYS OF SPANIARD books HELP STUDENTS face deep concerns such as: DepressionBullyingRelationshipsDrug UseAlcohol UseObsesityAcademic ProblemsPeer PressureSocial MediaOn-Screen Violence

Amazon Reviews for DAYS OF SPANIARD #1

  • The lessons of overcoming setbacks and creating ideas is very inspiring.

  • A true original … Can’t wait for more in the series.

  • Lots of good tips for how to handle confusing or difficult situations.

  • Our 7 year old boy has not put down this book since he got it!

  • The life skills in this book are absolutely critical to any child’s success.