I’ve done many interviews for articles in the past, but possibly none as unique as the most recent. In my UFC career, I’ve fought some of the toughest guys on the planet. And I don’t use that as hyperbole. It’s true. Fact. Champions and almost champions of the world. Weird to think about as I sit here in my kitchen typing, anxiously awaiting my son and daughter waking up, speedily typing in the process.

In the most recent Spaniard interview published, I was asked what it was like to get hit by Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, commonly agreed to be the scariest man in the UFC. I fought Rumble at 170 lbs., and not too long after our fight, he fought Andrei Arlovski at heavyweight (and won).

I vividly remember seeing his foot leave the ground coming toward my face, but my brain-muscle connection was not working. I thought, “Pick your hands up, block the kick”, but I couldn’t. I ate his shin.

What’s it like? It’s like fighting a big, strong human being. It’s odd to say, but I was the farthest thing from scared. There was no fear. I put in the work to win that fight.

I believed in the work, and myself.

Do the work. Believe in yourself. Then, every “fight” you have will be just another day…unless, by chance, you have to fight Rumble ;)

In today’s AM Excellence, I expand on this topic and article. You can listen to AMX188 “Fighting Fear” here.

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