This blog is about getting the most out of you; I am about getting the most out of you. My intense desire for winning in competition has transitioned into an intense desire for helping you “win” in life.

Through my readings and experiences, I have gained insight into what makes winners win. I am obsessed with learning; it’s the same obsession that resulted in my journey from Spanish teacher to UFC fighter. Now, let’s take you from where you are to where you want to be, one day at a time, one AM Excellence at a time.

In today’s AMX, I picked up a piece of insight from Phil Jackson (from his book 11 Rings). He had the opportunity to coach two of the best NBA players of all time, Kobe and Michael. Both, he said, battled selfish tendencies throughout their early careers. It was natural; they were alphas.

BUT, he said, not until they realized they could do more with their team than they could do by themselves, did they start winning championships.

Lesson: Develop a team of assets around you. Utilize them to make the most of yourself. Dim down that ego a bit. It worked for Michael and Kobe. It can work for all of us, too.

Listen to today’s AMX here.

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