As my podcast continues to grow, slowly and surely, I’ve gotten to meet more and more people who resonate with my message of Excellence and Fighting. I’ll get emails stating how one episode or another has created a mindset shift, a new/better way of thinking in the listener. Or, how it has reinforced the idea of stepping outside of the limitations we (too many times) put upon ourselves. We are forming a strong community of Excellencers (may or may not be a word!) and Fighters.

I’ve spoken to many of them on the phone, really getting to know them, and several have become friends–something I’m looking forward to, developing more. In a conversation with one such listener turned friend, Lee Witt, he helped me uncover a new way of providing a platform for listeners.

For the first time (maybe the last time, or maybe the first of a million times), I’m posting someone else’s words on my blog. Lee has written a message that connects deeply with AMX244. He was the inspiration for the idea of Elevating the Room You Enter:

We all have unique abilities.  Each of us is distinctive within our own genetic framework.  Some of us are tall, some short.  Some athletic, some artistic, and if we’re lucky, maybe both.  But consider this: There are certain abilities that are available to each of us no matter who we are or where we come from.

For example, each of us has the ability to “not quit.”  Not quitting isn’t a particular skill or talent that requires years of education.  Not quitting is a decision.  It’s a decision that is available to each of us.  And we make that decision in each present moment as we move towards a goal. 

Another “non-skill” is hard work.  When was working hard and putting out great effort ever a skill?  Again, it’s a present moment decision that each of us has the opportunity to make.  We can make that choice in any given moment.

Finally, consider this.  What if each of us has the ability to make every room we enter a better room?  When you show up at a meeting, or in your living room with your family, do you suck all the energy out of the room?  Or do you bring a positive, value-adding presence to the environment?  Do you leave your environment better than you found it?

Well, what do you say to that? As a compliment to Lee’s words, have a listen to AMX244 Play the Part and Elevate the Room You Enter!

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