One of my favorite parts of building a community (through the podcast mostly) is hearing stories about how listeners have been affected by an episode/episodes.

As a way to develop real relationships (while following Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice), I put a great deal of time into learning about/responding to emails, mentions, etc.

Matt Dearmitt reached out several months ago to share his story, and I wanted to take a minute to share his progress. Everything about him/his story is what A Fighter’s Mindset/AM Excellence is all about. He’s a daily listener.

Matt has been fighting various health problems and has met defeat after defeat in the last several years. Losing his mother and father put him at a crossroads – give up or make a change in his life.

I was tagged in one of his posts this morning on Facebook, and I couldn’t be happier. Matt has taken control of his life and is in the process of making BIG changes.

Why share his story? Because he’s a regular guy who was headed in the wrong direction. He hit stop and redirected. His story is proof that every one of us, if we truly want it, can climb any mountain placed in front of us.

Thank you for sharing your story Matt, and keep on keepin’ on!


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