I am 3/4 of the way into Shoe Dog (the story of Nike), and I’m at the crossroads of wanting to finish it this second and not reading a sentence more because I don’t want it to end.

Almost ten years into creating his company, Phil Knight is still fighting tooth and nail to gain just a bit of traction. You wouldn’t believe the amount of resistance he has faced since Day 1.

Knight knows his actual product is a running shoe, but what is setting Nike apart, little by little, and fueling his fire, is the vision behind that product, something more than just a running shoe.

It’s about passion, freedom, running, going all-out – the Nike shoe is a manifestation of those things, and Phil Knight is hellbent on spreading that message to the masses.

He is able to be all-in because of the deep seated belief and clarity he has in his company.

He has a clear vision

What’s your Vision?


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