I’ve been up for an hour and a half. It’s not that I couldn’t sleep, it’s that I didn’t want to sleep.

Waking up early has become a good habit of mine in the last year or so. Not too long ago, my mentor/financial advisor secretly planted a seed inside of me that struck my competitive cord.

One evening, he coyly suggested that we have our next phone call at 4:50 AM (He had been helping me start my business and was generously giving me his time). “Yea, I can talk Wednesday, but it’s got to be at 4:50 AM on my way to the gym.”

“Oh yea tough guy,” I thought, “I’ll call you at 4:49!”

He was essentially testing me. He was testing my commitment. We kept up these early phone calls for several months until he realized (and I realized, he realized) that the habit was set.

Waking up early is a¬†mindset. It doesn’t apply to everyone (it wouldn’t have done me any good as a UFC fighter to wake up at 4:30 AM; I needed my rest), but it’s what waking up early represents that is important.

The point of this email is not to challenge you to wake up earlier than me or the next guy; it’s to help you reassess your daily schedules and priorities. Stop complaining about time. Watch less Netflix. Scroll through annoying Facebook political/negative/time-wasting timelines less.

Hone your habits. Organize your time.

I’ve put together a¬†compilation of “7 Daily Success Habits” that can help you do just that. It’s yours for the taking. Fill out the form below and you’ll be directed to a better, more productive day.

Have a great weekend!

Life’s a Fight. Carpe Diem. Fight Well!