For the past two years, since my most recent fight, I’ve been figuring out my path, trying new things and experimenting to see what gains traction.

In that time, we’ve created A Fighter’s Mindset – The Spaniard Podcast, AM Excellence, The AMX Fight Club and much more. Slowly, I’ve found my niche audience and honed my skills as a speaker/teacher/content creator.

Last night, I hosted an online call with 7 other people, all members of the Fight Club, and my niche audience began to take shape even moreso in my mind. We had:

  • Adrienne (Education)
  • Andrew (Politics)
  • Marc (Real Estate)
  • James (Auto Industry)
  • Anthony (Content Creator)
  • Joe (Production)
  • Sergio (Fitness)

At first glance, this group has nothing in common, yet, they have everything in common. They have drive. They are driven.

In the coming days/months/years, I will be focusing on that group of people – those of you who are called to something more, whether it is a developing self-confidence, maximizing yourself as a parent, helping lead your community, or even winning a world championship, I will be creating and teaching content that speaks directly to you.

What that means…if you are in my email community, you will be receiving emails from me on a regular basis, maybe even every day on some weeks. The content will revolve around drive and inspiration – sharing blog posts, podcast episodes, random tidbits and thoughts.

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Life’s a Fight. Carpe Diem. Fight Well!


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