I’ve been thinking a lot lately about training methods, meaning the manner in which we train. Some people are very scientific, the Drago approach if you will, while others are more in line w/ Rocky. Testing different levels in your body is a luxury not afforded to the vast majority of athletes. I see a lot of variance in my experience, guys at the top level who have completely different approaches to training – frequency and intensity of training, diet and nutrition, the use of supplements, etc. I personally am an evolving book when it comes to my training. To be honest, I don’t notice much of a difference when I eat clean vs. normal, when I get little or extra sleep, for example. I try to stick w/ what is proven scientifically, protein helps build/ restore muscle, water helps flush and keep your system clean, glucosamine helps your joints, etc. I see so many examples of training in which I raise the question, Is this really helping? It’s unfortunate, but I think so much time and money is put into creating training methods that LOOK new and different, but in reality don’t do much.

One thing I know for sure is the old saying, To each His own. I will never say, THAT doesn’t work, or this IS better than that. We are all different bodies. What makes me tick isn’t necessarily what makes you tick. I need 6 hours of sleep, you may need 8. You may be able to cut 25 lbs, I can’t.

My best advice (should you ask) is to observe and listen to all, then make your most educated decision for yourself. Because our sport is new, we have all kinds of experts popping out of the woodwork. I’ve been training since I was 8 years old, I know what my body needs. I’ve been fortunate to gather a team of trainers (AMA Fightclub, No Limits Personal Training, and my brother Ben), who understand that, but also know when to tell me to shut up and buckle down.

If you know your body, listen to it. If you don’t, find a good trainer/ coach, and listen to him/ her.