W/ the help of 2 of my closest friends (Matt Anderson/ Jack Zerby), I have recently updated the “store” section of my website. One of Jack’s creations, Goodsie.com, makes it easy for anyone to host a storefront online. I’m always trying to upgrade, and this was a perfect opportunity. Matt was a big help in the graphics and pics that you’ll see.

We now have all of the Spaniard T’s that you’ve seen over the years available at my Goodsie store!!! I placed a large order of shirts to have in stock, so now they’re burning a hole in my closet…help me out!!!

You will also find your copy of SpaniardFit waiting for you as well!

I will now be able to add special coupons on and off, as well as other deals. I’m very excited to get this working, and to get feedback from you guys. So please get on, check it out, and get your Spaniard gear.

You can check my store out at…¬†http://goodsie.com/store/spaniard-nation or click on “store” in my Facebook page. (We will be creating a convenient link soon)