Pay Attention! Life is Flying By!

As my fighting career has slowed down a bit and I'm focusing on other things, I've become much more aware of what's around me. For almost ten years, the only thing I saw in front of me was making it to/staying in the UFC. There was nothing else. I didn't necessarily take things for granted [...]

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You Just Never Know

This past Wednesday I spent the afternoon at Balance Studios in Philly doing BJJ (jiu-jitsu). I'm still training hard and in good shape, but it's more of a psychological boost that I get from training nowadays, as I don't have anything scheduled fight wise. It makes me feel good...unless I get my butt kicked. Balance [...]

2016-08-05T14:15:53-04:00October 24th, 2015|4 Comments

3 Strategies to Increase Mental Toughness

In my line of work, mental toughness is vital. I go to battle with another well-trained man looking to do me harm. Without mental toughness, I'd crack (or maybe he'd crack me). But mental toughness is also relevant to YOUR line of work, no matter what you do. Big projects, presentations, interpersonal communication - these [...]

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What’s the Most Important Factor in Success?

Self-Belief MMA legend Urijah Faber recently spoke to Ariel Helwani (MMA Journalist) about the power of self-belief and its direct correlation to being a champion. He says, "When you have someone saying you can’t (do something) without them, they’re wrong. Self belief trumps it all. Consider how many champions there are in every single thing there [...]

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The Power of Consistency

How many times do you sit down to complete a project and marvel at the daunting tasks that lie in front of you? The problem with a mindset like this is that it can prohibit us from taking the first step. While it is always a good idea to begin with the end in mind (thank you, Stephen Covey), [...]

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Time is Money. Time is Money?

For as long as I can remember, I've thought of time and money as the same thing. In my professional life, more often than not, I related making money to putting in the time. By default, I have always thought of my time=my money. As I continue to evolve and adjust my thinking, I'm beginning to change my view [...]

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How Do You Define Success?

John Wooden knows a thing or two about success... So many of us spend our lives chasing success, but not so many of us create our unique definition of what it means to be successful. Money, fame, cars, power - these are all common markers of what we tend to attribute to successful people. And [...]

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