MMA legend Urijah Faber recently spoke to Ariel Helwani (MMA Journalist) about the power of self-belief and its direct correlation to being a champion. He says, “When you have someone saying you can’t (do something) without them, they’re wrong. Self belief trumps it all. Consider how many champions there are in every single thing there is – they all have self-belief. The only thing that’s real is what you believe. Your perception is reality.”
Id say he nailed it. When I set out to pursue the UFC, I had ZERO clue what it meant to be a professional fighter. I knew ZERO about fighting. BUT I had an unwavering belief in myself. And now that I think about it, I NEVER feared falling short of that goal. I simply MADE A PLAN and went for it.

Often times, when you share your goals/ideas/dreams with people, they look at you a little funny. It’s OK because they are operating off of their reality, not yours.

So believe in yourself, identify your reality, and go for it. BUT BUT BUT, I strongly advise making a plan. Some people are comfortable throwing caution to the wind; I am not one of them.

Get Job>Save Money>Get Master’s Degree>Pursue UFC = My Plan

What’s yours?

– Spaniard