In my line of work, mental toughness is vital. I go to battle with another well-trained man looking to do me harm. Without mental toughness, I’d crack (or maybe he’d crack me).

But mental toughness is also relevant to YOUR line of work, no matter what you do. Big projects, presentations, interpersonal communication – these are all relevant examples of where mental toughness can play a huge role.

I was recently listening to the Order of Man podcast with guest, Retired Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine, and he mentioned 3 specific techniques he uses to teach mental toughness. I’m incredibly intrigued by Navy Seals and their mental toughness (I’ve read several books on the subject), and Mark does a great job of simplifying it to us “normal” people.

  • Segmenting – breaking down big/daunting tasks into smaller segments
    • Rather than looking at the entire¬†assignment, break it down into manageable tasks
  • Mental rehearsal – play through all bad outcomes and create a plan of attack. Rehearse it.
    • Bring all of those (sometimes irrational) thoughts into the open and play out the results. They become more real and manageable.
  • Mantra – short and sweet w/ big meaning behind it.
    • For my last fight in Brazil, mine was “footprints and vision.” It reminded me to keep moving and keep my eyes on the target. (Perhaps it should’ve been, “DON’T GET CHOKED OUT!!!)

Hope these help and good luck!