By Matthew McConaughey My quick notes: Holy cow, this was a fun one. Like nearly everyone, I know Matthew McConaughey’s on screen persona to be calm, cool and bold. What I didn’t know was how his upbringing, self-belief, determination, conviction and self-discovery helped turn him into the man and entertainer he is today. This [...]



By Matthew John Bocchi My quick notes: After reading Sway, I connected with its author (Matthew Bocchi) and had the fortune of having him on the show. This book is his story of persevering through loss, abuse and addiction. It connected me to 9/11 in a way that I had never experienced before. His [...]

The Ride of Our Lives


By John Gronski My quick notes: Boy, this was a fun and inspiring read. Fun in that the book flows well (I read it in one afternoon sitting), and inspiring in that author John and his wife, Berti, biked 4,000 miles across the USA with their fifteen month old son. It's a story of [...]


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