Goal setting can be a complex thing. I think we can all agree that setting goals is one of the most important practices in every successful person’s life, but the manner is which we set goals can differ greatly.

As I continue to read and analyze as many uber successful people as I can, I’m learning that there are patterns, for sure, but very rarely are there absolutes. What may work for some people can vary greatly from what works for other people.

As someone who is always on the lookout to improve myself, I have to be careful to not just sway one way or the other because some millionaire/world champion said so. I have to be careful to stay true to myself. I take their knowledge and experience, process it, and adapt it to my own life experience. If we all just agreed with what other people said, no matter who they are, we wouldn’t be leaders, we’d be followers.

In terms of goal setting, I’ve noticed that I don’t follow the particular pattern of most successful people. I tend to set MAJOR goals and live my life in pursuit of those goals, whereas many of the most successful people on Earth set daily, weekly, monthly and longterm goals on a regular basis.

My thought process is: If I truly want to be the most sought after speaker/mentor in the country (eventually world), and set that MAJOR goal, I will live every day in a manner that will maximize the likelihood of accomplishing that goal. I don’t know that I need to set short term or other long term goals. Benchmarks and scheduling, perhaps, are more suitable to keep me on task.

If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Chance Marsteller, one of the best wrestlers to ever come out of Pennsylvania. He was an undefeated, four time state champion (I believe the second to ever accomplish that. The other? His mentor, Cary Kolat). I recently worked a camp with Chance, and being around such an accomplished person, I didn’t miss an opportunity to pick his brain. He may be young (not even 21), but I’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.

I asked him about goal setting, and surprisingly, I resonated with what he said: “I’ve really only had two goals in my life. When I was young, Cary asked me what my goals were. I said: to be the best in the world and to be an Olympic champion.”


Set your MAJOR goals and live your life to accomplish them, day in…and day out.

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