This Week’s Happenings:

  • Peak Mindset Podcast Episode
  • “A Fighter’s Mindset” Group Pic – These guys were all in these past 6 weeks. To sum up the course, it’s about keeping you in front of your BS. Excuses, delays, you name it. I want to help you get in front of all that, because once you do, the rest is easy. So much so that I’ll give you my time to answer your questions. Call me – 814 204 2245. Ask for Spaniard :)
  • A Fighter’s Mindset Podcast coming soon!

This week’s blog…

I had a heated conversation with someone I’m close to this past week. A friend and mentor. We had two differing views on the same subject (and no, it’s not politics. I don’t offer my opinion on politics because politics stink…see what I did there).

We went into the conversation with an open mind – imagine a static pulse line. Fast forward a minute. I said something. He said something. The pulse line elevated. A few more minutes passed, and though we weren’t irrational in our thoughts and we had our wits, there was definitely an elephant in the room. We were in our first tif.

As I’ve stated before, practicing self-awareness is an invaluable tool. And it’s not enough to just practice it, to just be aware that you are a jerk (or whatever it is), you have to actually change for their to be any value. In the middle of our tif, almost instantaneously, I heard myself state emphatically something I didn’t really know the answer to. I wasn’t lying, I just didn’t put any real thought into my response prior to answering. (To show how trivial this was, we were tiffing over what attracts us to sign up for different email programs. Cool stuff. HA!). I wanted to win the argument.

I had this same mentality prior to my last couple fights. I had this image of what I wanted training to be, what I wanted the structure of my life to be, that I allowed the BEST WAY to be clouded by MY WAY. I was no longer looking for the best recipe of training, I was looking for the recipe that fit best with my ego. And that is a certain recipe for disaster.

In your next tif this week, hit pause and check your ego. Remember what in the heck you’re arguing about in the first place. If your ego wins, you lose.