January 1, 2016. September 1, 2016. Two different dates marked by the exact same goal.

How often do you “want” to do something, anything, only to sit on it, and watch it never come to fruition?

Most of us do it quite often. We sit, think, talk and rationalize. And then, before we know it, it’s over. We are on to the next thing, after having not even done the first thing. One thing turns into two, then three, and so on. Eventually, it becomes easier to just avoid things as a whole rather than changing course to actually follow through on them. We create an aversion to reality. Looking in the mirror and truly feeling content becomes more difficult.

At least that’s how I operate. I may not be as guilty as the average person, but I sure am guilty.

Back to those dates – January 1, 2016, and September 1, 2016 – the days I committed to launching a podcast. Commitments are two-fold: 1. The declaration of a desired outcome/agreement, and 2. Taking action to see it through. I had made the declaration to launch, but I wasn’t fully committed; I didn’t take any action to see it through. It was too daunting.

This back and forth happened with my book, too. Eventually though, I called myself on it and got it done.

In one of our recent Fighter’s Mindset group calls, one of the members (We’ll call him “Wade”), made a simple, game changing statement. He said, “I got in front of my bull@#$%,” when talking about that week’s assessments. It’s that simple, get in front of your bull@#$%!

My first launch date fell through because I didn’t take one single action to see it through. And my second launch date won’t happen, either, because I recently called myself on my bull@#$%. I, we, took action today to make it happen sooner. Sometimes, it’s better to take action now than to sit on it and figure everything out for later.

We aren’t jumping off a cliff here, either. There has been proper planning, discussion and living to make this happen. A small conversation I had yesterday (thank you Niyi) put me in front of my bull@#$%.

I CAN’T guarantee this podcast will be fully launched by September 1, but I CAN guarantee that we will put 100% into making it happen sooner.

Back to the Success vs. Achievement concept from a few weeks ago – I will judge our success on the feeling I get from fully committing, NOT from the single outcome of the achievement…but dang, I want to hold that trophy of achievement!

*I have a small favor to ask of each of you…I am working hard to nail down my exact message as I develop my programs and podcast to best serve a purpose to you, my reader/follower. Based on my experiences, I possess valuable knowledge and insight, but because it’s my life, I don’t always see that clearly. By taking 3-5 minutes to fill out this form, you will help tremendously in clarifying my message so I can serve you more effectively.

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