I have so many ideas. I get scatter brained sometimes. I suffer from paralysis by analysis. I probably take on too much.

But, I NEVER lose focus of my vision – putting myself in a position to HUGELY give back to those closest to me.

That is what drives me in the deepest corner my soul.

I have met so many great people in my lifetime, people who have given so much of their time and effort just to be a part of the process. These people, the ones who’ve traveled across the country/world with me, the ones who’ve laid the foundation of which I built upon, the people who’ve given with no request in return – all of these people have had a vital role in my evolution. I wouldn’t be where I am without them, and my purpose is to repay that debt and keep the cycle going.

When I got married, and especially, when I had Gracie, I realized that there is nothing, no one in the world, that controls more of my focus and attention than my family. There is no greater purpose in my life than to provide for them the life we dream about. It’s a simple life – travel, lots of time together, maybe a condo at the beach and probably a decent car – but nothing takes a higher precedence than securing that life for my family.

Every one of us, I believe, even the most giving and supportive friends and family members, have their own thing – their own family, job, dream, etc. – that takes just a tad bit more precedence in their life than you (we) do. It’s not easy to reckon with and can create some awkward sentiments, but it makes complete and absolute sense. Does anyone in the world take priority over securing the happiness of my daughter, Gracie? No. No one.

Build your inner circle. Create an environment of excellence. You won’t go anywhere in life without it. No one man or woman is an island. The best of the best create their successes by “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

But never, ever forget that no one, no one, will work harder to make your dreams come true than you. You are the only person in the world who’s “thing” is your hopes and dreams.

With utmost humility, always bet on yourself.


Seize the day!

– Spaniard