Well, I have a big month coming up. Getting married this Saturday, and then fighting June 8. Some people may think it’s overwhelming, but to be honest, I am enjoying the process. I have such a great support system, that no matter where I am, PA or NJ, I am able to get great training in. Between AMA/ Mike C., my brother Ben, my first trainers, Dave and Darcy, my SnC Coach Don, and all my training partners, I am fortunate that I never have to worry about getting the work in.

Amanda has been great in terms of planning. She’s taken the brunt of getting things done, I simply do as I’m told from time to time :)

Bc of all this support, I’ve (we’ve) been able to plan a wedding, have some awesome bachelor weekends, train like crazy, and be right on course for June 8. 

I am five weeks out, so this is the time I step up my training, not necessarily in terms of sparring and live go’s (I’ve been doing this since Feb), rather in my conditioning, which then carries over into my live go’s. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve developed a system that I have stuck w/, and will continue to do so, until it breaks. Don (No Limits), my bro, and Mike communicate to see where I’m at in terms of training, and we adjust accordingly. 

Are we game planning?? My game plan is always the same. Push the pace and make my opponent “make or break”. If you push someone to their max, they are forced to make a decision – push back or concede. If he pushes back, I push harder. If he concedes, I push harder until it’s over. Simple.