Well I’m in full training mode (as always) for my fight on June 8. I love the matchup, location – everything about it. With every fight I take, I want to work towards a goal, inching closer to my absolute potential. I have an image of what I want to look like when I sit back and watch my fight after it’s all said and done. That’s what I’m working towards. The perfect game.

Training is phenomenal. I’ve managed to decrease the crazy amount of driving a good bit, doing most of my training w/in a 30 min radius. Muay thai privates, sparring, BJJ, getting some extra sparring in the cage, small glove training, SnC, you name it. 

A big thanks to Dr. Tom and his team at Signature Health and Wellness for keeping me healthy. Bt massages, adjustments, stim, traction, they’ve done a great job of helping my body feel great. This all means nothing if I don’t have the body to train.

I had a nice little break in the action last weekend, as we went down to ATL for the UFC as part of my bachelor party. Nothing too crazy, but always nice to get together w/ friends and fam. Yes, I’m living my dream, but it has its price, being away from home. It’s all a means to an end.

An awesome quote I recently read by Tom Brands, “I could’ve won the Olympics living in a gutter.” We put so much emphasis on little details that really don’t matter. Just freaking do it!!!