Things have been going well since my last fight. I took a week off and then got back to training. I wanted to spend more time at home in PA, but I am somewhat obsessed w/ training. I feel like time is running out, and every day I don’t train, I’m not getting better. I train at about a level 7 or 8 in between fights, meaning that w/in a few weeks, I’d be 100 % ready for a fight. One week’s notice, I’d be more than capable.

I’m hoping to hear about my next fight soon. I’m getting married in May, so hopefully it falls in line w/ that, as that is a pretty big day :) 

After many months of hard work (myself, Strength Coach Don Messing, and “my media guy” Matt Anderson), Spaniard Fit has come to fruition. We put together a great fitness DVD so you guys can train w/ me and Don from the comfort of your own home. Check it out and get a copy!

I’ll also be upgrading my Store on my website w/ the use of, and we’ll have every Spaniard shirt available to purchase. Thanks Jack Zerby and the HiiDef Team for making it so easy!

Make every day count!