It’s been an extremely trying wrestling season at East Stroudsburg for all of us, wrestlers and coaches. Seems like we could never catch a break – injuries, grades, you name it. Day in a day out we would keep our eyes on the prize, the postseason. Wrestling is all about being “on” at the right time. If you can manage to get on a streak at the right time, a five or six match win streak can mean a medal that lasts a lifetime.

So after so many more downs than ups, our guys couldn’t have picked a better time to get the job done. Our region tournament/ national qualifier was this past weekend at UNC Pembroke. In probably my proudest weekend of coaching, we qualified for guys for Nationals – Braden Turner, Thad Frick, Brendon Mckeown, and Eddie Ebewo. All four of these guys did exactly what they were capable of doing.

A lot of people were congratulating us coaches, but the guys are the ones who go out on the mat. We are mere facilitators, their shoulders bear the task at hand. We point them in the right direction, and it’s up to them to get it done.

Potential means nothing w/o putting it into action. We have had potential all year, and finally we put it into action.

Looking forward to bringing a few medals back to the Poconos!