A Curious Mind, written by TV and movie producer Brian Grazer, celebrates the power of curiosity, and the meaning it gives to our lives. As a naturally curious person and lifelong learner myself, I’m in line w his way of thinking. I ask so many questions, at times, that I come across as condescending; it’s a tight rope I walk pretty much every day, but it truly is in the spirit of curiosity and learning.

In today’s reading, Grazer states, “To me, the American Dream is about overcoming obstacles.” He goes on to talk about leveraging our limits into success. How this ties into curiosity is the fact that questions and learning is a path to overcoming your obstacles and leveraging your limits into success.

In a very simplified fighting analogy, imagine your opponent having an extremely powerful right hand (obstacle). You need to learn how to avoid that right hand, and you can’t learn anything without being curious. Your limit is that you are no good on your feet, but you know your takedowns are much more effective than his. You decide to go at him at a wrestler looking for a takedown, using your newfound technique of avoiding his right hand. With your takedowns, and your victory, you are now the champion of the world and have achieved the American Dream.

Vóila, you’ve overcome an obstacle and leveraged your limitation into success!

This is obviously a simplification of the process and meaning, but you get the drift. Open your mind to asking questions and learning, and you can actually have (achieve) what you want.