“Standard operating procedures were not fixed, inflexible laws w/ no room for variation. They were guidelines that needed to be balanced w/ adaptability and common sense.” – The Dichotomy of Leadership/Jocko Willinck – AMX591
Be “Disciplined, Not Rigid.” Think. Act. Be human.

“The balance b/t the troops understanding the why mixed w/ intrusive accountability provides the best possible outcome for a team.” – The Dichotomy of Leadership/Jocko Willinck – AMX592
You can hold everyone’s hand, all the time.

Just stinkin’ be you. This is The Story of Ferdinand. – AMXKids17
I went against the norm and brought a little kids book to AMXKids this week. And it was awesome!

“It was the weakest form of leadership to win an argument through rank or position.” – The Dichotomy of Leadership/Leif Babin – AMX593
Sometimes you’ll lead, sometimes you’ll follow. Check your ego.

Don’t try to plan for every contingency. Doing so will only overburden you and weigh you down so you cannot quickly maneuver.” – The Dichotomy of Leadership/Leif Babin – AMX594
Explore every possible outcome. Plan for those most likely to happen.

“Honest to God—that fight? I’ve been a coach for thousands of fights. I’ve had almost a hundred fights. I’ve been on almost every kind of position of a loss. I’ve been a coach, I’ve been a referee on the biggest level, a fighter, a fan, a friend, a training partner … and I probably took that loss the hardest. Devastated. Because I knew what it meant.” – Justin Greskiewicz, #201.
This one’s close to the heart. My friend, my coach, and some golden memories.

“Being humble meant understanding the importance of strategic direction from our boss…” but “being humble didn’t mean being passive. It didn’t mean to not push back when it truly mattered.” – The Dichotomy of Leadership/Leif Babin – AMX595
Too much humility (passivity) can work against you. You’ll get eaten up. Walk that line.