3 Strategies to Increase Mental Toughness

In my line of work, mental toughness is vital. I go to battle with another well-trained man looking to do me harm. Without mental toughness, I'd crack (or maybe he'd crack me). But mental toughness is also relevant to YOUR line of work, no matter what you do. Big projects, presentations, interpersonal communication - these [...]

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Let’s Go Retro!

It's always fun to interact with gym goers and share what I know about fitness and training. We had a blast at Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ. Check it out!

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Finding the Right Balance

My career is a work in progress. It is in constant evolution. Finding the perfect mix of everything is not an easy task. Some fighters have it easy; they are able to find everything under one roof in nearby towns/ cities. For those of us not as fortunate, it takes a bit more work, but [...]

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Sunday at the Gym

Here's a little snippet of my Sunday trip to the gym. Sprints and shadowboxing. Fun times. Get a 1st person point of view; strap on your seat belt!

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