My career is a work in progress. It is in constant evolution. Finding the perfect mix of everything is not an easy task. Some fighters have it easy; they are able to find everything under one roof in nearby towns/ cities. For those of us not as fortunate, it takes a bit more work, but it’s very doable. I’ve continued my training in Philadelphia, reaching out to a few new people here and there, and I’m extremely happy w/ the results. The guys at Balance have been excellent. I’ve been experimenting w/ some new stand up guys as well. Justin Greskiewicz at Stay Fly Muay Thai and Ryan Gruhn at Central PA MMA. At this point, I’m just concerned w/ getting better and finding what is best for me. I have no competition on the horizon, so there is no pressure from any angle. I’ve also started working w/ a new strength coach near my town (Tim’s Personal Training) who has been trememdous. We’ve only had two sessions so far, but I feel very confident about our work together. I’ve lacked consistency in S&C since my former Coach Don Messing passed away. My brother was doing a great job, but w/ our conflicting schedules and distance between us, it became tough to work together consistently. Like I said, it’s a constant evolution of putting the right pieces together in the puzzle.

After my last fight, I realized that I haven’t taken a break from training/ fighting in 7 years. I take a week or two off after my fights, but then I get right back into it. I think it’ll do me a bit of good to relax and just train.

A big thanks to everyone involved in my training/ career – there’s about a million of you :)

(Photo: L to R, Myself, MMA Fighter Blaine Shutt, Tim Pollock) @ Tim’s Personal Training