When I was a kid, my dad told me something that I’ll never, ever forget. It’s something I’ll tell my daughter when she’s old enough to understand & something that the people I respect most, live by. It’s so simple, yet so profound.

He said to me: “Don’t go around telling people how good you are, let them tell you.”

My dad was teaching me humility at a young age. I didn’t know it then, but humility is a characteristic that would shape my life.

Enter Peyton Manning, Georges St. Pierre and Cael Sanderson…

I remember way back when Peyton got drafted out of Tennessee. My dad said to me, “Keep an eye on him. He carries himself well. He speaks well. He’s on the right track.”

I remember training with GSP in NYC after not having seen him for months, and only having met him once. He made a point to say “hello” upon seeing me and offer his coaching on how to beat Anthony Johnson. (Still blows my mind the three of us are in the same sentence!)

I remember meeting Cael Sanderson at a wrestling camp one summer, and then seeing him years later at a UFC event. He talked to me like we were long lost friends.

These men are silent professionals. They exemplify humility. They have values, and they live by them.

Everyone wants the secret to success. Everyone wants a short cut. Unfortunately, there is no secret to success, but there are ways to expedite the process.

Well, then, “How can I expedite success in my life?” you ask.


People like good people. People will go out of their way to help good people.

Peyton Manning, GSP and Cael Sanderson are good people. They are also three of the most successful men in the world. Sure, there are extremely successful people who are NOT good people, but what good is that?

I believe our purpose on this Earth is to create a ripple effect of good, not to make millions of dollars.

How are you going to create your ripple? Start today.