I read not long ago that each one of us is guided by one of two things: faith or fear.

It makes sense: You live your life with the faith that’ll it’ll all work out, somehow, or, you live your life in total fear…of everything.

When I was in the middle of my Spanish teaching tenure (remember, I took the ‘3 years and out’ plan), I decided to pursue professional fighting. Reason being, I had a natural skill set that provided a high likelihood of success, or at least one that was higher than every other alternative.

There was only one problem, I HATED fighting, ever since I was a kid. It scared the bejesus out of me.

This is what I learned over the years was…the best way to fight fear is to hit is straight on. I once heard Jamie Foxx said, “What’s on the other side of fear? NOTHING.” So true.

Takeaway: Incrementally increase your tolerance level of fear. Don’t do anything drastic. Take it in small, progressive steps.

(Side note, last weekend, I decided to hit fear right in the mouth by karaoke-ing Enrique Iglesias to my wife…in Spanish. I have no idea what prompted it. I just thought it’d be a good idea. It was the first karaoke I’d ever done. I signed up and instantly began to shake from nerves. I was seriously more nervous than prior to a fight. I probably looked silly, but it was a nice example of facing fear head on in a safe environment. You can see my karaoke-ing debut here).

I recently put together an ebook called Overcoming Fear with Focus, Discipline and Courage. Get it below (Trouble? Clear your cookies/cache. Still? Email me.):

Life’s a Fight. Carpe Diem. Fight Well.