I have a problem. I’m obsessive. I NEED to know certain things. I’ve wiki’d all kinds of weird things, including the origins of such sayings as “let’s get down to brass tacks” and “a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”

(I’m sorry, honey, it’s just how I am).

So yesterday, I had another one of those need to know instances; it was the difference between motivation and inspiration. Since beginning this new path (speaking, podcasting, writing), I’ve heard those words more and more often, so much so that I thought it’d be wise to truly understand their meanings.

Motivation is the “reason or reasons for acting or behaving a certain way.”

Inspiration is the “process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.”

My gut had always told me that inspiration was deeper than motivation. When I get on stage, I don’t want to just motivate you, I want to inspire you. I want to touch your core being so much that you change the way you think and operate. I want to make you feel something in your soul that sticks with you long after I’m gone.

Motivation is fleeting, inspiration is not.

Motivation can make you get up at 4:30 AM for a day or two, maybe even three, but inspiration will keep it going for a lifetime.

Don’t just motivate those around you, touch their soul and inspire them. To do that, you have to get to know them. Get started!

In today’s AM Excellence, I elaborate on inspiration vs. motivation as well as highlight the need for objective feedback on your quest for greatness. Oh, and I leave you with a very simple exercise that will help you compare what you think about you to what others think about you (it’s a good one).

Listen to AM Excellence 173 here.


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