When’s the last time you were uncomfortable? Probably not too long ago.

It’s not always fun, but being uncomfortable carries with it some benefits. If you’re focused on developing your skills in a specific area, the more often you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, the quicker your skills will develop.

I recently started reading The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, and the entire book is focused on revealing…the talent code – how and why specific groups of people are better at certain things than others.

One of the reasons some people are better than others refers to the idea of deep practice, not just regular ole humdrum practice, deeeeeep practice. A characteristic of deep practice is making errors. That’s right, he says that in order to develop your skills at the most efficient rate possible, you must consistently make and correct errors. Think of deep practice as being all-in practice, pushing yourself just beyond your comfort zone consistently.

A good analogy is building muscles. You build your muscles by lifting juuust a bit more than you did the day before (simplified, of course). Your skills are the same way.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Your skills will thank you.

In today’s AM Excellence, I dive deeper into the development of skills and why nearly everything goes back to escaping that darn saber tooth tiger! Listen to AMX172 here.


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