It’s been a busy last month or so. W/ a training trip out to Team Quest and a trip to Vegas for UFC 114, I’ve been staying quite busy. In addition, I’ve been in the gym on a daily basis. I really haven’t stopped training since my last fight (Mar 31), but I’ve been smart about it. I’ve been training hard, but not “fight training” hard just yet, so as to not get burnt out. I’ve put a lot of time into classes, getting technically better, as well as sparring a few days per week.

I’m 2 months out from my fight (UFC 117, Aug 7, vs. Johny Hendricks). I don’t use the term “camp” in reference to training for a fight. I’m always training. I’m a professional fighter. If I’m not in the gym training on a consistent basis, then what am I doing? Like my old wrestling coach used to say…”there’s wrestling season, and then there’s time to compete”. The same goes w/ fighting. I don’t get fat, I don’t blow up to 200 pounds. I quit my job to fight. If a day goes by that I don’t do something to get better (save a rest day here and there), then I’m wasting valuable time. Carpe Diem!