If you’re reading this and can resonate with not being completely fulfilled, lacking a sense of purpose or feeling the need for an overhaul of your current mindset, keep reading. If you are completely happy with your current life situation, I have something for you, but not necessarily in this post.

Over the course of the past year and a half, I’ve been developing what has evolved into A Fighter’s Mindset, a 6-week lifestyle training camp that forces you to hit pause and take a bird’s eye view of your current trajectory – where you are, where you’re going, your thought processes, how you handle conflict, who/what you surround yourself with and an overall assessment of your self-awareness.

In 2007, I was not completely fulfilled. I felt OK but not GREAT, which didn’t sit well because I believe in feeling GREAT. I believe in fully living life and using every bit of potential we, as human beings, have.

So I made a decision to make a move, a bold move. It was not without fear. I remember crying as I drove away from my parent’s house – it was just me and my Dodge Caliber (from Pros vs. Joes); even my dog stayed at home with my parents.

My experiences in the last ten years have taught me a great deal about success, failure, self-belief, confidence, lack of confidence, good people, bad people, feeling like a champion, feeling like a loser, getting knocked down, getting back up again, setting goals, achieving goals, falling short of goals and the absolute value of PEACE OF MIND knowing I gave it my all. I want everyone to feel that peace of mind, truly. I’m blessed and thank God everyday for my journey.

What else can A Fighter’s Mindset do for you? You know that period of time you’re lying in bed prior to falling asleep, and the whole world is racing around in your head and the last thing you can do is sleep? A Fighter’s Mindset serves as a foundation to eliminate that clutter – I’ve put my experiences, practices, processes and philosophies into an easy to follow, simple to do, program that you can take with you and adapt as you see fit. Trust me, if I can go from a junior high Spanish teacher to a UFC fighter, you can do just about anything!

The virtual format of A Fighter’s Mind consists of a weekly video, two weekly assessments (designed for the most amount of value in the least amount of time) and a weekly consult call. Each week is focused on one Element of Excellence – Creating a Vision, Identifying Core Values, Defining Success, Living with Accountability and Surrounding Yourself with the Best. Week 6 is a culmination of the course.

OFFER: I am offering the course at at limited time for $747. Space is limited in the group. This offer expires Thursday, June 9 at 10 PM.

BONUS: A personalized autographed book.

GUARANTEE: 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you are not happy with the course, I will refund your money. Period.


– Too expensive – You are investing in yourself. I will accept payment two ways, a one time payment of $747 prior to session 1 OR in 2 payments, $400 prior to session 1 and $400 prior to session 4.

– Not enough time – The videos are app. 5 minutes, the activities are 10-15 minutes each and the call is 1 hour. That is less than 2 hours per week. Maybe sacrifice some TV for six weeks or wake up 15 minutes earlier every day or go to bed 15 minutes later every day :). It can be done.

– Not sure if it’s for you – Call me prior to Thursday (June 9) at 10 PM for a 5-10 minute talk – 814 204 2245

– Don’t completely understand the program – Refer to www.charlie-brenneman.com/afm for more details.

– Still hesitant – There’s a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE :)

I’m in this to feel happy and make other people feel happy.

Click HERE to tell me you’re in.