Eased back into hard sparring on Friday and then again today. Couldn’t be a better situation; I’m fighting a southpaw, and i get to train everyday w/ Jim Miller, who also happens to be a southpaw. I’ve been hitting the strength and conditioning 5-6 days a week, mixing in agility training and plyos w/ heavy lifting, all setting myself up to peak for March 31!

We (AMA)¬†have a few guys fighting this weekend¬†at Ring of Combat in AC and also for the VFL in Altoona, PA. I’ll be cornering Sean “Shorty” Santella at the VFL show. Looking forward to it!

Finally, I recently got this pic from Rob Lynn (RobLynn.com). It was from my July VFL fight. Kudos go out to Mitch Whitesel for one heck of an elbow.