Today’s podcast episode is an interview with my former wrestling coach, Mitch Johns. Mitch is a business owner and extremely wise man.

During out interview, he made a very poignant statement: “You learn only that you don’t win a whole lot from winning. You take a lot more out of losses.”

In line with this sentiment, my buddy sent me an article last night talking about struggle and the pain we are willing to go through to see our aspirations through.

The problem is this: 90% of us don’t really want our aspirations and aren’t willing to learn from the losses and keep on forging ahead. It’s easier to quit.

Where do you stand? Ask yourself if you really want your aspirations, or if it’s just comforting to pretend you do.

Embrace the struggle. Learn from the losses. Dust off. Move on.

The podcast and article can help you do so.