Are you a competitor? It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or not, but are you a competitor?

Do you love to win and hate to lose? Does losing bring a stink to your face?

The best of the best are obsessed with winning. Just the other night, I was watching the Jerry Rice story. Here he is, the greatest receiver, and quite possibly player, of all time, and he never rested on his accomplishments. His obsession with perfection drove him every day of his life. He had a chip on his shoulder. He was never satisfied. He wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Every competitor I’ve talked to/read about (myself included) has this same characteristic: They have a never-ending thirst for perfection and an unwavering drive to see it through.

Competition is not just for athletes, either. It’s for every one of us. Mom, dad, teacher, coach, salesman. Hey you…start competing! Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Feed that thirst for perfection; don’t run from it.

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Life’s a fight. Carpe Diem. Fight Well.