You’re a teacher. You’re a businessman/woman. You’re a stay at home parent. You run a gym. You’re a financial advisor…

What do mindset and mental toughness have to do with you?

Every night for the last four months, my wife and I are awoken by our son, Rocky, multiple times. A solid night’s sleep is a distant memory. This lack of sleep creates negativity that could easily be transferred into the morning, and then throughout the rest of the day. It could easily create a dark cloud over our household, and lives, but it hasn’t.

Reason being is that we have kept our mindset and mental toughness in check. My lifestyle (physical and mental training) makes it easier to get out from underneath my warm blanket and step into the cold darkness. Twenty plus years of cutting weight and running sprints have made it easier to execute those small daily actions that need to be done. To keep our mindsets in check, we air our frustrations (We are not perfect, and we have the occasional “no sleep/new baby/I can’t take it anymore” arguments, but then we get back on track).

You owe it to yourself to develop your mindset and mental toughness on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Listen to podcasts – hear other peoples stories, and how they overcome their struggles.
  • Discipline yourself – find accountability partners for personal/professional purposes.
  • Train hard! I’m not talking your casual “lift/talk for five minutes/lift/jog for two minutes routine. I’m talking PUSH YOURSELF!
  • Sacrifice – Cut your junk food in half. Omit soda from your diet. Budget your money!
  • Take a cold shower…ice cold!

Every one of these techniques will help you develop your mindset and mental toughness so you can perform at an optimal level in every role you have.

After all, life’s a fight.

PS If you have (or know) a high school athlete, I encourage you to take a look at Spaniard’s Mindset/Toughness Camp. It will push their physical and mental boundaries to produce better people AND athletes.

Carpe Diem. Fight Well.