It takes a village. No one man is an island. You are the combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with…You get the point.

When I started fighting, the mindset that ruled above all else in my life was simple: Surround yourself with the best. From the fighters, to the trainers, to the managers, I made a habit of surrounding myself with the people who were the best at what they did. It’s a mindset that has become a habit.

The application of that mindset resulted in a new aspect of my relationship with my brother, Ben. It uncovered a role that neither of us anticipated, the role of Chief Advisor (ChAd). In Tim Grover’s book Relentless, he describes this role as a “cleaner”, someone who cleans up and takes care of everything. That was Ben’s role, and he did it with enthusiasm and honesty.

In today’s episode of A Fighter’s Mindset – The Spaniard Podcast, Ben (ChAd) serves as a cohost, and we dive into our competitive lives growing up, as well as the vital roles he played (and embraced) along the way.

There is some uncomfortability, as there is in any relationship, but what you get here is an honest assessment of pursuing something great, and the effect it has on those around you…some good, some bad.

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