Check out some pictures I’ve taken over the years since starting MMA.

Retro Fitness, E. Windsor, NJ

  I had a great time at the Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ, last night. Through Jason, my friend and agent, we have formed a great relationship with Retro. These anniversary and grand opening events are the best. Lots of interaction with their members. Thanks Retro! (And soon I'll be on the Retro Wall [...]

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4th of July Race

My family runs the 4th of July race in Altoona every year. This year, my bros and I alternated pushing Gracie and Willa (my bros baby, 1 day younger than Gracie) in the 15k race. We alternated every mile. Averaged just under 8 minute miles. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting home and doing [...]

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Finding the Right Balance

My career is a work in progress. It is in constant evolution. Finding the perfect mix of everything is not an easy task. Some fighters have it easy; they are able to find everything under one roof in nearby towns/ cities. For those of us not as fortunate, it takes a bit more work, but [...]

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Precision MMA

I recently spent a few days w/ my BJJ coach Brian McLaughlin at his gym in NY. Brian has taught me an insane amount of BJJ specifically geared towards MMA. He's got to be the most selfless coach I've ever met in this game. Very excited to have him as a core part of Team [...]

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Spaniard Artwork

An awesome bday gift I got from my family. A mix of painting and sewing on fabric. One of the best memories of my fighting career. Thanks to Altoona Area High School art teacher Sharon Wall for the great work!

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Cool Pic!

I had someone send me this great shot from my last fight. I want to send a BIG thanks to all of my sponsors. Please support these guys, as they make my job A LOT better! Headrush, Premier Martial Arts, TrauMMA Combat,,, Biodiagnostic Labs,,, and especially my strength coach [...]

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Thanks Stuckey Subaru!

I want to thank everyone at Stuckey Ford/ Subaru for helping me through the process of purchasing a new car. I can genuinely say they were courteous and extremely fair to deal with. It was a tough decision to get rid of NO1JOEZ, but the time had come. THANK YOU to everyone at [...]

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