I wanted to send a big thank you to a few people who enable me to make my trips home w/o missing a beat in training. Darcy and Dave Regala (Cambria Martial Arts Academy) have been w/ me since day 1 of my fighting career. They are two of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. Anything short of a family emergency, and they are basically on call to my training. All I have to do is give them a heads up, and we’re good to go. In conjunction w/ them is my sparring partner John Miller. Again, barring surgery or injury, he is ready to go. Without these guys, I wouldn’t be able to make it home as often as I do because my training would suffer. So I’m able to enjoy being around my family and getting the necessary work in simultaneously. I couldn’t ask for me.

I also want to send a thank you to Justin Filer of Genesis MMA. Justin has opened his gym doors to me, and let’s us use his cage to train in. Training in a cage is vital, and it’s something I don’t have much access to in Jersey. 

So a big thank you to those guys. I couldn’t do it w/o you.