So the last month or so has been great in terms of training. I’ve gotten into a nice schedule of technique training, as well as more strenuous MMA training. 

I’v recently started working w/ a new boxing coach, and he’s tremendous. I’ve had the opportunity to work w/ a lot of great trainers, and John is up there at the top. I’ve taken valuable pieces from each one, and it’s awesome to see my evolution. John and I click; his methods, my ideas, they seem to be meshing very well. For the first time, I’m really concentrating on carrying what I’m learning on a daily basis into every training session. Rather than keeping them as separate entities, I look at my entire week of training as a cohesive unit (obvious, huh? I just missed the memo I guess). My team (John, Mike, and my bro Ben) are working together to keep everything in sync. I like where it’s headed.

In terms of fighting, I will have an announcement very soon. We are just waiting on a few details, but it’ll be early in the new year. 

I’m in a very good place. I’ve been to the top of the mountain, I know what it feels like. I want that back. And I’m certainly not afraid of a challenge. 

Life would be boring if you just won all the time :)