Lifelong learning is for everyone, and kids books are not just for kids. Having watched, read and planned out my AMXkids episode on Coco, I wanted to share the lessons I extracted, and why they’re important for kids (and adults) to consider:

– The richness that exists in family, culture and traditions. Coco tells the story of Miguel, a young Mexican boy pursuing his passion of music. The premise is set during Día de los Muertos, a Mexican tradition celebrating the lives of family and friends who’ve passed on. You can FEEL the joy and happiness and purpose and excitement that aligns w/ culture and traditions. Knowing WHO you are – where you came from, why you are the way you are, paying proper respect and thanks to those who’ve paved your way and exploring every once of your being is extremely intrinsically fulfilling. Further, exploring others’ culture and traditions adds a sense of awareness and perspective that serves you well as you interact w/ the ever changing world.

– The fact that passion and adversity are often (if not always) interconnected. Miguel has a love of music, and he’s met w/ challenge after challenge in seeing his passion through. It wasn’t easy for him. The path was not laid w/ welcome signs and open arms. He had to fight for it. He had to dig deep into his soul and ask himself how bad he wanted it. He had to process whether or not he was willing to give up certain things, important things, to pursue his music. This serves as a great reminder that we, too, must fight and dig and process what exactly we want, and ask ourselves how far we are willing to go to get it.

– The importance, and reality, of our heroes. Famous musician Ernesto de la Cruz is the be all and end all of young Miguel. Ernesto sparked a drive and ambition in Miguel that might not have otherwise been sparked. But when Miguel comes face to face w/ his hero, he learns that there’s a side to Ernesto’s story he could have never anticipated. Heroes drive and inspire us, but we need to be aware that they are humans, just like us. And sometimes, they’re not all that we hoped for.

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