You Just Never Know

This past Wednesday I spent the afternoon at Balance Studios in Philly doing BJJ (jiu-jitsu). I'm still training hard and in good shape, but it's more of a psychological boost that I get from training nowadays, as I don't have anything scheduled fight wise. It makes me feel good...unless I get my butt kicked. Balance [...]

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Precision MMA

I recently spent a few days w/ my BJJ coach Brian McLaughlin at his gym in NY. Brian has taught me an insane amount of BJJ specifically geared towards MMA. He's got to be the most selfless coach I've ever met in this game. Very excited to have him as a core part of Team [...]

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Training in Philly – Balance Studios

It's been a quiet last few weeks. I've been trying out some training over in Philly pretty consistently. Allows me to be at home more w/ my family. Saying goodbye to the little one has already gotten next to impossible :) It's been a great fit over there. Some very high level training partners and [...]

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