It’s been a quiet last few weeks. I’ve been trying out some training over in Philly pretty consistently. Allows me to be at home more w/ my family. Saying goodbye to the little one has already gotten next to impossible :) It’s been a great fit over there. Some very high level training partners and teachers. Been doing a lot of work in the gi, and when I say I’ve been humbled, that’s an understatement. I had forgotten that there are “everyday joe’s” out there who can destroy me w/ a gi on. 40+ year olds who possibly work a day job and just do BJJ because they love it. My eyes are opened. A big thank you to Balance Studios and Phil and Rick Migliarese for opening their doors. And to Andy for providing a new perspective on stand up fighting. Yes, I turned 33 (shhh), but I’m as energized as I’ve ever been.