25 Hours a Day


By 25 Hours a Day My quick notes: I quickly became a fan of Nick Bare from his Youtube videos. He’s a regular guy who’s built a life of fulfillment through values, family, fitness, military and business. He has developed Bare Performance Nutrition into a multi-million dollar company through hard work. He lives his [...]

I Dare You!


By William Danforth My quick notes: What a fun, old-fashioned read. I get the sense of an old commercial or a proper message from the past. William Danforth was a very successful businessman who teaches his simple system of living known as the “Magic Square.” Really enjoyable and almost a bit nostalgic. Tried and [...]

Skip the Line


By James Altucher My quick notes: I just really enjoy Altucher. I don’t always share the same beliefs or philosophies, but he’s a guy I like to read. He shares his wide variety of life experiences with lessons that can help you expedite your way to success (however you envision it). Communication skills, hard [...]

Clarity in Crisis


By Marc Polymeropoulos My quick notes: I had Marc on the podcast and was excited to continue the lessons learned in his book. This is a leadership book with a unique and original format. He weaves his personal style of leadership with stories from his CIA experience. It’s an easy-to-digest and enjoyable read. View [...]



By Greg McKeown My quick notes: I really enjoyed Greg’s previous book “Essentialism” and jumped at this one. This book is a continuation of the Essentialism message and teaches how to optimize your life once you’ve boiled it down to the most important things. As a guy with two small kids and a budding [...]

So Good They Can’t Ignore You


By Cal Newport My quick notes: I’ve been on a Cal Newport book reading kick, and for good reason. This book drives home something I value deeply - putting in the work to get really good at something. This book is about developing your skills to improve your life. View on Amazon [...]

A World Without Email


By Cal Newport My quick notes: It had me at the title. Oh, what a world it would be! As my business operations have evolved, so has my quantity of email. I almost feel like I was one of the lucky ones who never really had an abundance of inbox chatter; that has changed. [...]

Think Again


By Adam Grant My quick notes: Much like Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers, Think Again asks us to take a look at the things we know and believe (or at least think we do) and make reassessments where needed. If you’re looking to improve your interactions with others (it helped me reduce the stress [...]

Give and Take


By Adam Grant My quick notes: A lesson that’s as applicable to youngsters as it is to professionals, Give and Take. Adam Grant’s books are successful and well-known, so I decided to start with this one. It’s a very good read that will help you assess your operating system in the world: Are you [...]

Deep Work


By Cal Newport My quick notes: I’ve become a big fan of Cal Newport’s books. It’s his simple, clean and clear manner in which he attacks his work that drew me in. But as important as that work philosophy is, it’s how that philosophy lends itself to cleaning up other areas of your life that [...]


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