I spend much of my time listening to podcasts and reading books. It helps to clarify my thoughts and gives me insight into other ways of thinking. After processing this new information, coupled with my own experiences, I’m able to formulate my own unique take on the subject.

Every so often, I hear a quote or a phrase that I mark down (in Evernote *No affiliation) to use in the future. Last week while running on the treadmill, I was listening to “School of Greatness” with Lewis Howes and heard an awesome quote by Fabio Vivia from “Top Chef.”

He said, “When you’re a tank, things don’t happen to you. You are happening to things. It doesn’t matter what happens, only the way you react to what’s around you that will define what you will be in life.”

You can apply this idea to anything in life. It’s simply taking ownership in who you are and what you do. Live with purpose.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go be a tank!

– Spaniard

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