It’s been a very long week ( I realize it’s Monday, but I just got a chance to sit down). I upped my training in the hopes of securing a fight for Dec. 18. As of now, I don’t have an opponent, but I’m training as if I’m fighting. I like to increase my wrestling when I’m priming for a fight. There’s nothing like wrestling shape. Of all the different methods of getting in shape for a fight, wrestling, in my opinion is at the top. I’ll get three to five of my wrestlers (ESU guys) and do a sharkbait, meaning I’m in the middle for 3 X 5 minute rounds, with a new guy rotating in every minute. By the end, it takes every thing I have to just keep my hands up. Heading into the city again on Wed. to work BJJ w/ Shaolin, and it looks like I’ll be helping him outĀ w/ his wrestling too. Very cool situation. The guy knows a ton, and is a great fighter. Surround yourself w/ great people, and you can’t help but get better.