How in the world can you ignite your own motivation and that of the people around you?

Surround Yourself with the Best!

You’ve got to start looking at your environment as the brain food that will take you to the top or to the bottom. And I’m not talking “the top” as in winning championships, necessarily. I’m talking about putting your head down at night with a sense of peace. I’m talking that feeling of, “Ahh, I earned that day and I feel good about myself.”

So how do you get that feeling?

One, it’s not passive. You do have to actually do work and put forth some effort (i.e. You can’t sit on the couch while your body goes and works out/does other productive things).

Two, you surround yourself with as many positive things as possible. You trick yourself into being that thing you want to be. It sounds so embarrassingly simple, almost to the point of me (The Spaniard) sounding like an idiot.But I did it, and I do it every day!

I wanted to be a UFC fighter, so I surrounded myself with UFC fighters. I wanted to be an author, so I absorbed what authors absorb. I wanted to be a speaker, so I surrounded myself with a network of speakers and creators.

The writing is on the wall, and if you can’t see it, write it on the wall yourself. And like I said, it takes work. You have to create an infrastructure that will keep your motivation growing upon itself daily, like compound interest and money.

In today’s AM Excellence, I share some examples of how to foster and encourage motivation in yourself and others while also sharing some talent boom examples that will make you say, “Hmmmmm.”

Enjoy AM Excellence 179 “Ignite the Motivation.” Listen here.

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